The Reliquarium – Setting the atmosphere for Wild Woods

We of the Reliquarium offer a variety of custom works that are imbued with the forces of life and death in reverence to the power of the natural world. It is most gratifying to create personalized wearable effigies of the earth and encourage you to reach out to us with unique requests for individual wear.
Designed and crafted with the utmost intention to materials and the stories they tell, we work with growth and decomposition as orchestrator of the ultimate process to bring dead objects back to life.
These objects contain a history within them. They are relics of that story of life and death and that history is inscribed on them. The essence of the animal lives on in the relics of its life, in its skull, in its bones. We celebrate this process, drawing upon it and imbuing them with our own process. They gain more layers of growth, of history, as the wearer adorns them. The wearer grows with them and the cycle continues.

The work of Logan Will is best described as fusion of life and death with a notion of time as the ultimate orchestrator of all things. I draw from the mysteries of the past; from the desiccated roots of a great first growth tree, or the corroded vertebra and skull of a deer that died winters past. Working specifically with the anatomy of what once lived, I create organic systems that mimic concepts fossilized within our cultural zeitgeist to generate questions about how we live and die and what it means to be human.

Sharing our vision of sustainable festivals along with the experience of a lifetime.

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Artist of the Week: Big Something

With a powerful sound that is both refreshingly original and yet classic in its approach, BIG



Artist | Sculptor | Fabricator | Designer | Creative Awards have included: Wide Open: National Juried


Alexia Velez

NY Artist. Sculptor/Live Painter

TJ Spurge was a featured artist in last years gallery. We love TJ's work, check out this short video on his resin process!

2018 is shaping to be one hell of a year. Check out this video we produced and shot for an amazing artist TJ Spurge creating his resin art live for us. If you love art and all things trippy you’ll really enjoy this video! 🎥🖌🔥 #resinart #trippy #hippie

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Come celebrate our 5th year anniversary with us! We are extremely excited to announce the dates for this August! See you on Page Farm August 10th-12th, 2018!

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