Falling somewhere between rock, jazz and electronic mayhem we find space rock. This is a genre



A sleeping giant of the electronic music world, Douglas Appling – more commonly known as Emancipator – has quietly


Kung Fu

Through discipline, practice & study KUNG FU has sought excellence in the art of improvised dance



Some of the best parties are the ones that weren’t even supposed to occur. Two or


Mr. Bill Live

Bill started writing music by age five after being introduced to Bill Haley & The Comets


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s sixth studio album MAKE IT BETTER was released September 16, 2016


Roots Of Creation

“The Reggae/Rock Dubtronica Hybrid” “RoC is more than ‘just’ a Reggae band… they cover anything…(dubbed out,



Govinda is the alter-ego of producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the



Born in the woods of Connecticut and raised in the wilds of Boston, lespecial has established


Jade Cicada

Jade is a material thought by the ancient Chinese to be crystallized moonlight that has fallen


Supersillyus Lifeband

Supersillyus is a musician and producer based in Brooklyn, NY. He has been tickling minds with


Strange Machines

Fusing genres such as rock, funk, livetronica, reggae, metal, and jazz, Strange Machines have set high



Esseks (Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn based producer and artist who creates emotionally driven electronic music


Living Light

Hailing from Boston MA, Eartha Harris a.k.a. Living Light is on a mission to uplift and


Hayley Jane and the Primates

Hayley Jane and the Primates deliver a genre-bending sound that is hard to define and a


Of the Trees

Of the Trees is Tyler Coombs; electronic music producer hailing from Portland, ME. Melding strong influences



COSMAL + ALI LAZ (founders of Conscious Minded Media) are a dynamic art and music performance


Broccoli Samurai

Since forming in the Rustbelt of Cleveland, OH in 2010, Broccoli Samurai has been taking the


Ed Mann and Friends

Ed Mann & Friends is an experimental band project bringing inventive musicians together to cross-style reggae,


Tim Palmieri Acoustic

Acoustic set from Kung Fu and The Breakfast guitarist Tim Palmieri.


For the 25 year old Queens native producer, Brightside, it’s not just about the music, it’s


Harsh Armadillo

Harsh Armadillo is an emphatic group of extremophiles jonesing to help you find your ass and


Digital Vagabond

A recent transplant from Boston, MA to the mountains of Colorado, Patrick Boyle aka Digital Vagabond



tsimba is the alias adopted by quickly-rising bass music producer Mark Evans Musto based out of


Zoo Logic

Bass Music from the center of the Earth.


eelko is the amalgamation of musical explorations and obsessions gathered throughout Christopher Carchedi’s life. Choosing to


Radioactive Sandwich

Psychedelic/Electronic/Dub/Breakbeat/Psy Radioactive Sandwich has released six original albums and a plethora of singles and EPs. They


The Kenny Brothers Band

An Americana Jam Band combining rock, blues, folk, funk, jazz, improvisation and tasty grooves.

The Edd

The Edd is a group of four musicians based out of Burlington, VT. Over the past



Tribal Bass / Glitch Hop / Electronic Producer from Portland, Maine.  Taproot Productions!


MALAKAI is the musical vision of Colorado/NYC based producer and instrumentalist, Malakai Linden. His music draws



The name smalltalker refers in part to the shmooze, the how’s-the-weather, the “welp…”, aspect to the



Amulus is a genre-bending improvisational rock band that continues to turn heads as they strive to



Those dirty house beats to get you moving, Moses brings it every time.  His mixing is



Revibe is a 4 piece funk/rock/jazz/electronica band who blends tight composition with adventurous improvisation. The result


Stop Tito Collective

Stop Tito Collective has taken the influences and roots of traditional reggae and exploded into the


Apel Beats

Apel Beats is guitar driven future-funk for the spontaneous mind and the adventurous booty. Over the


The Tercet

“This power trio will absolutely blow listeners/viewers away with their live performances and intense sound. The


Yung Abner

Yung Abner (Producer/DJ) experiments while crafting wonky music that travels between genres such as Electro-Trap and



Rhode Island based electronic producer.


Reoscillate is the exploration of sounds and genre combinations from lifelong musician, Andrew Warren. It started


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Artist of the Week: Big Something

With a powerful sound that is both refreshingly original and yet classic in its approach, BIG



Artist | Sculptor | Fabricator | Designer | Creative Awards have included: Wide Open: National Juried


Alexia Velez

NY Artist. Sculptor/Live Painter

Great shot by In-Tents Cinema of The Reliquarium late night stage! Lasers by Brainwave Laser & FX, LLC. ...

#TossbackTuesday shoutout goes to The Reliquarium and their epic stage design they brought back to Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival this past year! Nice lasers by Brainwave Laser & FX, LLC Always grateful to be apart of these amazing productions! Page Farm = Freedom

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The Emancipator set was absolutely amazing this year! What were some of your favorite sets from the weekend? ...

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Check out the most recent batch of photos from Zatchmo Lives Media and stay tuned for his coverage of the weekend in NYS Music! ...

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