Mixed-Media is a style of art created by using multiple materials or mediums in one piece. Typically,
the materials I use include spray paints, acrylic paints, markers, house paints, collage work,
watercolors, pencils, ink & more. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and my
creative process is always evolving. I enjoy working on large scale murals, creating installations and
decorations for live music events, and live painting. I am seeking new ways to make art more
interactive and inclusive, to dissolve boundaries between creator and spectator, and to restore the
prevalence of art in the subconscious of human culture, using tools both new and old.
I am inspired by street art, skateboarding, graffiti, music festivals, psychedelic art, camping, hiking, technology, science, and most of all PEOPLE! Everyone with the courage to be themselves, who
pursue their passions to the fullest extent, despite fear and resistance. To the people who show love
and support for artists, your gratitude makes all of this possible! All of the hard work, sacrifice,
failure, and frustration becomes validated when I am able to share a genuine experience/connection
with a person who understands the message/idea I am seeking to express. Thank You for Being!!!

About the Artist:

I have pursued the path of visual art since 2010. At this time, I began experimenting with mixed media
painting techniques and started studying graphic design at Fitchburg State University. In 2011,
I obtained my first studio space in downtown Fitchburg and produced my first solo art exhibition.
Between 2012 and 2014, I worked alongside local artists to create several collaborative gallery
spaces, studios, art exhibitions, public art projects and music events in the Fitchburg, MA, to benefit
the local community. Currently, I live in Worcester, MA, with my lovely fiance’ Nikki and our 4 year
old son Rocko, where we continue to create new things together every single day.

Sharing our vision of sustainable festivals along with the experience of a lifetime.

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Artist of the Week: Big Something

With a powerful sound that is both refreshingly original and yet classic in its approach, BIG



Artist | Sculptor | Fabricator | Designer | Creative Awards have included: Wide Open: National Juried


Alexia Velez

NY Artist. Sculptor/Live Painter

TJ Spurge was a featured artist in last years gallery. We love TJ's work, check out this short video on his resin process!

2018 is shaping to be one hell of a year. Check out this video we produced and shot for an amazing artist TJ Spurge creating his resin art live for us. If you love art and all things trippy you’ll really enjoy this video! 🎥🖌🔥 #resinart #trippy #hippie

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